Hilliard’s Station Park Gallery 6/27/19

This show ranked in my top 3 of best Larger Than Life shows so far. Hilliard is this little sleepy suburb of Columbus that has far too many traffic circles but this cute little park in town square. We learned the downtown area went thru a revitalization a couple years back and the park was only built like 2 years ago. They were part of a Thursday night concert series in the park and it was a pretty good sized crowd and lots of kids. The crowd was lively and we even saw some guys singing along. We’ve uploaded 7 videos to YT (be sure to check out our fave from the night, “All Or Nothing”) and here’s our pics, enjoy:

Ohio Weekend Gallery

What a weekend! This weekend saw the debut of Chance to Larger Than Life while Price stayed back from Ohio for the first time since we’ve been in existence. JD Legends is such a cool venue! Their patio is not open yet so they set the guys up a stage on the edge of their bowling alley. Chance fit in perfectly and the energy was invigorating as it always is at this venue. Saturday, took them (and us) a couple hours up the road to Lakewood and the Around The Corner Saloon. The crowd here is always extra crazy and love every minute. We missed Price so much that we put him on a stick and brought him with us. We have uploaded 17 videos from this weekend to our YouTube channel and here are pics from this weekend! Enjoy!